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Beyond Math Blocks: A Teacher Institute

At last, an opportunity for teachers to re-invigorate their practice!

While focusing on the most critical K-5 math content for number and operations, the two-day+ Beyond Math Blocks Teacher Institute will inspire and empower teachers with new ways of learning, new ways of thinking, and new ways of teaching. They will come away with a comprehensive set of ideas, tools, and strategies contained in Ten-Frame Mathematics, a powerful re-envisioning of base ten content. 

October 25-26, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

1817 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

$497 per participant

Beyond Math Blocks uses Ten-Frame Mathematics to inspire teachers to bring empowered learning to all students.

By applying this unique approach to base-ten instruction in their classrooms, teachers will be able to...

• remove math blocks (obstacles) experienced by struggling students, and

• integrate their instruction with math blocks (KP Ten-Frame Tiles) that leads to visualization, conceptualization, proficiency, and independence.

This two-day Institute focuses on 3 C's:

CONTENT: the most important base-ten content taught at each K-5 grade level

CUSTOMIZATION: strategies to embed content within school-adopted curricula

COACHING: ongoing coaching to ensure success in the classroom

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The Beyond Math Blocks Institute Includes . . .


Participants work in grade-level cohorts to develop the most important ideas from their grade levels:

  • They focus on the WHY as well as the HOW for mathematical understanding.
  • They examine ways of making math VISIBLE to students.
  • They CONNECT math ideas to each other and to real life.
  • They reimagine how the grade-level standards play out in their classrooms.
  • They rehearse their new strategies to increase the likelihood of immediate success.
  • The receive a Ten-Frame Mathematics Tool Kit.


Participants connect their new learning to the work they do back in their districts:

  • They integrate new learning with their district-adopted math resources.
  • They receive individualized feedback and support during the session.


Participants connect their new learning to the work they do back in their districts:

  • They use their customization template to embed their new strategies into their current work.
  • They participate in three check-in coaching calls.
  • They gain access to exclusive KP Ten-Frame Tiles training videos.
  • They are enrolled in the exclusive online community.
  • They have access to ongoing live support from KP Mathematics.

Participants Walk Away With...

Ten-Frame Mathematics Methods and Strategies

Participants will focus on proven content, curriculum, and strategies for student success:

•2-day live workshop with KP Math experts

•Refreshed mindset regarding mathematics

• Grade-level-specific content

• Ongoing implementation coaching through the end of the year

Ten-Frame Mathematics

Tool Kit

Participants will walk out the door with the tools they need for successful implementation:

• KP Ten-Frame Tiles (demo set)

• Book of grade-level-specific lesson plans

• Activities for Immediate Implementation

• Ready-to-Use Games & Problem-Solving Tasks

Ten-Frame Mathematics Customization Framework

Participants will customize their learning to fit with school and district expectations and resources:

•Customization templates

• Customization coaching

• Membership in exclusive online community

• Access to KP consultants for ongoing support

KP Mathematics Consultants & Coaches

Kimberly Rimbey, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO

Peggy Akin

Co-Founder and Director of Program Development

Candace Diehl

KP Math Consultant

Erin Gonzalez

KP Math Consultant

All this -

  • Two days of content development & customization
  • Ten-Frame Mathematics Tool Kit
  • Three check-in coaching calls
  • Ongoing implementation coaching
  • Online Ten-Frame Mathematics community
  • Access to demonstration videos

In addition, we know that participants are 90% more likely to implement new learning when they attend in pairs, so we encourage you to send your teachers in pairs, trios, or more.


per participant


Comments from our most recent Beyond Math Blocks Participants:

"This was the best, most useful class I have been to in years."

"This training is what teachers want to go to."

"I really appreciated how Kim was able to connect the use of the KP tiles to our standards and the mathematical practices."

"I thought the hands on portion of the training was incredibly useful. I also enjoyed connecting our district standards to the Mathematical Practices."

"This was the best math training I have been to in a long time! I felt like the presenter really cared about students progress and wanted to help us achieve that. The small group allowed for personal questions that a larger conference wouldn't allow time for. I would definitely recommend the math blocks training to other educators. Kim is awesome!"

"So grateful for this experience! I can't wait to jump in!"

"Great job by Kim. I appreciate her real-world experience and her ability to relate to her audience."

"Kim had a great way of breaking down the standards and mathematical practices in a practical way. I loved all of the games and activities presented with the ten frames. I'm excited to put this to use in my classroom immediately."

"Wonderful training that is full of ideas I can take back into my classroom tomorrow and start using!"

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